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SMART Social Media for Business 

  Keynote session                PowerPoint presentation & Q&A
  Panel session                    Interactive Focus Group 
  Case study session            Workshop


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 08:30-09:10 Registration
 09:10-09:20 Chair's Introduction

Keynote address: Social media optimisation - maximising the business benefits whilst managing risk

  • Understanding how social media is creating a powerful channel for growth on a global scale 
  • Considering enterprise risks such as brand hijacking and the legal issues created
  • Addressing ways to mitigate risks whilst capitalising on new opportunities

Charlie Osmond, Managing Director, Fresh Networks
Amelia Hodge, Marketing Manager, RBS Insurance


Social Media Sofa: Understanding the business potential and risks of social media platforms

This session will fe ature representatives from each of the leading social media channels with a chance for each panellist to illustrate how their brand can add value to your business. Panelists will also discuss ways their businesses are using social media to increase revenue whilst understanding the key emerging risks.

Chaired by: John Barnes, Digital Strategy and Development, UK & Asia - Incisive Media


  • Lauren Rubin, Global Head of Advertising - Mashable
  • Nick Halstead, CEO and Founder - Mediasift
  • Matt Bush, Industry Head - Google
  • Dara Nasr, Head - YouTube
 10:40-11:10 Networking Break

Breakout Sessions

Talent Management Business Strategy

Tools & Techniques



Successfully integrating social media into your new or existing recruitment strategy

* Embedding your social media strategy into your overall recruitment strategy.

* Leveraging social media tools to drive recruitment initiatives.

* Best practice examples of what can be achieved. 


Steve Fogarty, Senior Manager, Strategic Programs, adidas Group Recruiting

Engage, Interact, Benefit: Getting to the heart of your customers using a social media engagement strategy

* How disintermediation can be a powerful tool for client engagement.

* Mititgating risks and achieving ROI

* Determining the correct channel for your target audience to add significant value


Benjie Fraser, Managing Director, JP Morgan

Harnessing the power of mobile technology



* Mobile apps – what are they and should you have one?

* Realising the business potential of iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android apps.

* Examples of excellence - sharing real-life success stories.


Mark Lister, Managing Director, imano



How to use social recruiting effectively to boost ROI


* Measuring the effectiveness of using social media in your online recruitment strategy.

* Improving recruitment efficiency through better use of your existing resources.

* The social recruiting challenge: Engagement vs. ROI - Who is winning?


Andy Headworth, Managing Director, Sirona Consulting

Employer branding: Ensuring transparency and authenticity


* Effectively communication your employer brand online via social media.

* How to socially distribute content.

* Successfully managing potential risks to your employer brand.


Matt Alder, Founder and Futurologist, Metashift

Utilising video, podcasts and other interactive technology


* How to use these tools to better engage with your target audience.

* Practical demonstrations on best practices.

* Identifying the most appropriate technology for your clients.




Global race to find talent: Don't let your competitors beat you


* Ways to harness social media to attract, engage and develop global talent.

* Targeting candidates effectively to stay ahead of the competition.

* Using social media to attract new geographic audiences.


David Mason, International Talent Acquisition Director, CH2M Hill

Case study: When social media goes wrong

 * Illustrating key obstacles and how to overcome them.

* What are the dos and don'ts for social media?

* Recovering from a bad experience and getting better results.


Search and SEO: Keeping up with the latest industry trends and strategies


* Update on the latest market trends and techniques for SEO.

* Implementing social media optimisation in your SEO plan.

* How have changes to geolocation affected SEO to date?


Judith Lewis, Global Head of Search, Beyond

 12:40-13:40 Networking Lunch

Keynote session: Community building to boost brand identity

  • How to better understand and engage with your target audience
  • Sharing methods of research to understand and match the needs of your target market
  • Examples of what can be done from real-life illustrations 
Mark Johnson, Community Editor, The Economist Group 
  Breakout Sessions  
Talent Management Business Strategy Tools & Techniques



Developing a corporate career site that is attractive, sustainable and user-friendly

* Ensuring the highest level of fundtionality throughout your site

* Striking the right balance between technology and content

*Creating an innovative platform for ongoing candidate engagement


Bill Boorman, NORA Judge

National Online Recruitment Awards

Understanding the legal dangers of social media 


 * What are the main legislative acts that affect social media?

* Minimising risk by monitoring your user generated content.

* Due diligence: Maintaining your standards. 

Susan Barty, Partner, Technology and Litigation, CMS Cameron McKenna LLP

Content Creation Clinic




* Understanding how to keep your message consistent acoss the web.

* Creating high impact messages via Twitter, Linked In, Facebook and blogs.

* Building brand loyalty and engagement.


Peter Abraham, Director, Econsultancy.com


Location-based recruitment services to build your talent pool


* What is location-based recruiting and why does it matter?

* Mobile social networks - examining the differences to traditional social networks and the opportunities they offer.

* The advantages of gathering local information.


Bill Fischer, Co-Founder, WorkDigital Ltd.

Compliance Clinic: Get your privacy and data protection questions

answered here


* Data security laws and the dos and don'ts of gathering data online.

* Compliant monitoring and recording of communications.

* Online information and intellectual property protection issues.

Elle Todd, Legal Director, Olswang

Monitor and react: Handling the unexpected 


* Tracking and listening to your social media buzz.

* Staying engaged after you've clicked Post, Tweet and Share.

* Ensuring transparency of your brand message across different platforms.


Angus Fox, Director, Multizone

 15:10 - 15:30

Networking Break

  Interactive Focus Sessions  
  15:30 - 16:30  

Is social media disrupting the recruitment value chain?

* Everyone thinks social media is a path towards low cost/”free” recruitment – what is the reality?

* What will the future hold for recruitment agencies, traditional media and job boards in a social world. 

*  Who will be the winners and losers in the recruitment industry value chain?


Dominic Sumners, MD, OnlineMediaExperts

 Successfully managing and protecting your online brand


* Navigating the benefits and pitfalls of online brand building.

* Achieving optimum results from social media channels.

* Privacy and security: challenges and solutions.


Jeremy Fawcett, Finance Category Director, Yahoo!

LinkedIn showdown: Empowering business development with LinkedIn

* Matching LinkedIn with your company strategy.

* Keeping your customers interested in your LinkedIn company profile long term.

* How leading organisations are using LinkedIn to add value.


Will Kintish, Business Networking & LinkedIn Trainer, Kintish Ltd.

 16:30 - 17:15

Keynote panel session: Staying ahead in the rapidly evolving world of social media  

  • How do you stay current?
  • What can be expected in the next 2-3 years; separating the substance from the hype.
  • Predicting future trends in social media


  • Andrew Haughton, Senior Manager, Strategy - Deloitte
  • Louise White, Group Marketing Director - Incisive Media
  • Gurtaj Sandhu, Digital Director - The Times
  • Mark Squires, Director of Social Media - Nokia
 17:15 - 17:20 Chair's closing remarks and close of 
 17:20 - 18:15

Post-conference drinks reception and networking


During the coffee breaks Will Kintish will be giving one on one tips during his LinkedIn clinics, so if there are any aspects of LinkedIn you are unsure of or need help on set up an appointment time with Will or drop in on the day. 

Will Kintish, Business Networking and Link edin Trainer. Author of "I Hate Networking"